Rainy Days

I have been living and cycling here in Nagano, Japan for over 20 years now , I think it is safe to say that this last 1.5 months has been a wash out . I can’t remember so much rain almost everyday. I went for a walk in the forest today and it felt like I was walking on a sponge.


We have had to cancel a few rides , make some quick changes to our plans as we try and take care of our customers. Brian brought a group of friends from New Zealand for some riding and even though they saw no mountains as we traveled around Japan, they never complained and kept smiling even when we were lost in the fog in the mountains surrounding Kyoto.




I thank them and the others who did manage to squeeze a ride in when the weather broke. Looks like it is changing for the good now and I am surly looking forward to the Fall and some Sunshine!


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