Last days of Winter

Nagano Prefecture has once again produced an excellent winter season for us all to enjoy, Snowboarding , Skiing and Fat Biking have been very good this season , a big thanks to the weather gods. The snow has really been melting around here recently but still up high the snow is very good. This time of year and I start to feel the need to get out on my road and mountain bikes, the Fat Bikes are fun but my cold feet are ready for the sunshine. As the spring approaches I start to look forward to meeting riders , old and new alike. But before I do I will go up the mountain and enjoy the snow a few more times!fat3
If you are interested, we will be selling of some Fat Bikes at the end of March. The bikes have been used for 2 winter seasons only and are in very nice shape. Check back or send us an email if you are interested.fat 1