2017 Bring it ON!






fr13As 2016 comes to a close I must say thank you to all those who made it such a great time here in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. One of the best things about cycling is the people who participate. Most are the easiest to please,a bike , a trail(or road) to follow, food, beer and a Hot Bath to finish the day and they are well satisfied. I have a lot in common with them.fr1 This year I traveled all over Japan , sometimes on my road bike and other times on my MTB, sometimes things get blurred but never in a bad way.fr2 As the snow falls outside today I find myself looking forward to some powder turns in the snow, but this year it is not just my snowboard that is calling , I have a Fat Bike that has found a way into my heart as well!fr3

Happy New Year to All , Looking Forward to Meeting you all on the trails again soon,