Private Party , Hidden Japan

IMG_9664Recently an article that I was involved with making last year came out. Bike Magazine sent over a crew to find “Hidden Japan” I was skeptical when they told me where they were going and I told them so. Magazines and film makers need to get their money from somewhere and when Ski Town Tourist money is invested they must do something in those towns. I was very happy when I read the article and they were very honest” the riding was a bust”.
I had told them that they really needed to talk to Natori-San at Trail Cutter. In the end his trails became the featured trails in the article. Natori-San has done a lot here in Japan helping others get access to the mountains and the article gives him the respect he deserves. I always pray for good weather when my customers come from overseas, but especially on the day we plan to visit Trail Cutter, because if it rains there is no riding. Coming from the British Columbia’s North Shore rainforest this was hard for me to accept, but that is how Natori- San got permission to build there and it definitely keeps the trails in pristine condition.
Have a look , I am already praying for a sunny day next month!
Private Party

Singapore has MTB riders!

Over the years I have had many customers come and visit us here in Nagano for some MTB riding. Last year I had a couple visits from Singapore and this season a few more.sing5 I always think of Singapore as a city only and have come to realize I have no idea what it is truly like there. I took a group to visit Fujimi Panorama MTB Park, Fujiten MTB Park , Trail Cutter Park and some local trails.sing3 The group rode well and they really knew how to enjoy themselves. They said they will be back and I am looking forward to the next time already. sing2