Good Rides and Good Times , THERAPY

I had the good fortune last week to make a new group of friends last week. Word of mouth sent this group of 10 riders from Hong Kong to come spend 5 days riding here in Nagano. We spent some time at Panorama MTB Park, Fujiten MTB Park and Trail Cutter’s Park.IMG_9667 Each day I noticed riders getting smoother, letting the bike do it’s work for them and not fighting it.IMG_9735 Language was hard with some of them but once again having all of us with the common ground of Mountain Biking made it very easy to enjoy ourselves. IMG_9747
Just before they arrived I had heard the terrible news about one of our own, Stevie Smith, passing away. I thank Jazz and the rest of her group for their great enthusiasm , it rubbed off on me and I could make Stevie proud by riding for him!(although not quite as fast)139
RIP Stevie

Small Groups in Different Styles

We enjoy different ways to spend time in our guided tour. Some riders ride hard all day long, while some are focused on our hamburger lunch. We like that we get to know everybody’s style through the day.

This young couple tried mountain biling for the first time.
We are impressed how well we enjoy the time. They were excited about almost everything in the guided tour.
We had good salad, hamburgers, and coffee for lunch in the afternoon.
And, it was intersting to talk about the increasing number of deer in the forest and the decreasing number of local hunter with a lady who used to belong to a high school shooting club.


Freeride Adventures doesn’t guide a big group into trails in the mountains. We think the balance is important. Moutains are for everybody. We always make sure to leave minimum impact on the trails. Still then, we don’t want a large number there.
Instead we enjoy riding with a small number of rider and getting know each other well.

20160508_suzuki san 320160508_tree hollow


First mountain biking for all of them. And, they are asking for bumpy trails!
Good weather and good rental bikes. It’s all up to the riders!

At the end of the day, however, these university boys impressed the guides with their happy attitude.
20160502_lunch together20160502_ride along
Thank you for choosing Freeride Adventures for your first time mountain biking.