Busy Summer, Many Thanks !

Fall is here and it seems like just yesterday it was still the rainy season. This year we have really seen some extreme weather here in Japan. I am not a scientist but I really think Global Warming is having a huge effect on us. More snow in winters , very hot days in the mountains and monsoon like rains anytime of year. We were lucky here in Nagano Prefecture where it was not so bad and I managed to ride my bike pretty well everyday for the last 3 months. A few hearty souls who didn’t mind the rain and plenty of Hot Spring baths to keep us healthy helped keep it lite for me. I managed to eat lots of excellent seafood on the Noto Penisula, meat in the highlands and drink some excellent craft beer as well! I rode my MTB with one of the best female mtb riders in Canada and some of the fastest 60 something year old ladies that I have had the pleasure of riding with. I thank you all for the great memories.057