Old Boys , New Bikes

015001 I had a pleasant surprise last week when I went to meet my customers for a days MTB riding. Yamamoto Shuji ,a cycling magazine writer who I first met in North America back in the late 80’s, was in the group! Shuji san and I have met many times over the last 20 years but this was actually only the 2nd time riding together.
The 1st ride was back in 1993 when I had a dream of doing a big long MTB ride with lots of Japanese MTB riders. Shuji was asked by my sponsors to check out my course. This ride had many long climbs, I can’t remember how many but it was a good 5 hour ride for me when I was in race shape. I think Shuji saw “god” many times that day, I know he wanted to stop and escape but he had no choice but to follow me as he had no idea where we were.
20 years later, Shuji on a FAT BIKE was shredding! I said to him after the ride that we were lucky to have been in the sport from the beginning as even as we age the bikes help us improve. Shuji is in much better shape these days for sure but both of us agreed that the technology has kept the smile getting bigger!