Back on the Trails!

006After a 6 week lay off,it is good to be back on the bike again. I was super lucky to have 6 happy riders come over from Hong Kong for 4 days of riding. We spent the first 2 days riding the local trails enjoying the climbs and downhills around Mt.Yatsugatake. Next we spent a day at Fujimi Panorama really enjoying the MTB park’s long trails and big berms! Our last day riding was spent at Fujiten, a new park right on the bottom of Mt Fuji. Fujiten has some fun flowy trails built and a very good “Skill Up” area for those who want to practice their technique before hitting the trails.030 A big thanks to Zig Zag Pension where Setsuko and Fujio made everyone feel comfortable and the wonderful cooking kept us all healthy,happy and ready to ride !017