Down But Not Out

boys oct 2010 092Sport injuries have always been part of the equation since I first broke my leg Skiing at the age of 8. This year I spent my birthday getting my arm Stitched back together after a Big Crash. During the last month I have had lots of time to think about some of the injured customers I have had here at Freeride Adventures. First off I must say “thank you” to each and everyone of them because not once have I had a complaint blaming us here of any fault. They all realize that when they are riding a bicycle especially, mountainbikes that there is some risk involved. In fact most realize that is what gives us so much satisfaction from pushing our limits. But we do go down and then if we are lucky we spend a few weeks feeling useless and mentally depressed waiting for some sign that things are getting better. I got the first sign last week! 2 more weeks and I will be back on my bike doing what I love to do.
I thank my family and the families of all the other injured warriors for putting up with us during these trying times.


うちは、八ヶ岳山麓の標高1350メートル。真夏でも時折涼しい朝があって、そういう時は恵まれた気持ちになる。 だが今年の夏は、全然違う。晴天率の高いこの地域でも夏に雨が降ったりやんだり。とうとう先週は、じめじめを取り除くために、薪ストーブに火をつける始末。ここに暮して13年、初めて8月にストーブを点けた。 お天気おねえさんの説明によると、太平洋高気圧がちゃんと日本にかかっていないのが冷夏の原因らしい。そして、さら前線が日本列島にかかっているのが多雨の原因だそうだ。8月なのに、ニュースは大雨や土砂災害や洪水の映像ばかり。今年の八ヶ岳は、確かに涼しすぎたが、大きな災害に至っていないだけ幸せなのかもしれない。 今週は、もう秋の気配。稲穂が色づき始めている。日本の秋は、美しい&楽しい&美味しい。景色もトレイルもハンバーガーもベストコンディション。限られた秋の季節です。ライドに興味がある方は、お早めにご連絡ください。fall 3 fall2

Early Fall

fall 3 fall 4Living here on Yatsugatake at 1350 meters , having a cool morning once in a while is a given. This year for the first time in 13 years I had to use my Wood Burning stove twice just to keep the house feeling comfortable. We have had a rare situation with the summer high pressure sitting off the Pacific coast and the fall High pressure off the Japan Sea coast and a low pressure sitting right over Japan. We have seen it all in the last few weeks, floods , landslides and rivers overflowing. In the area in which I live we have been lucky really , rain has been constant but not in the volumes some areas have received. Now the weather seems to have settled into an early fall and the rice fields are starting to turn gold. Fall is one of the best times to ride here in Japan, Nice comfortable temperatures, beautiful scenery and great trail conditions. We still have a few days open in October , please make your reservations early in order to not be disappointed .