Summer Time !

The heat has been turned up here in Nagano this season but all my customers who come up here from the big city tell me is nice and cool in the mountains. I have had all sorts of groups come through here lately, some shops with their customers some families and of course the private groups. Last week we had a group of novice riders come for a ride. They first said 6 riders would come then they said the group grew to 12. I was expecting a long day with 12 beginners but when I drove into the parking lot to meet my guests I saw some familiar faces. They said they heard their friends where coming to ride with me and decided they would like to spend the day with them and myself. As a guide I consider this a huge compliment as we rode well below their ability level and in fact they made sure their friends had a great time for their first ride!027 030 021 037 045 054