More MTB Girls!

Last week I wrote about a group of riders who didn’t let a little rain ruin their day.  I mentioned that there were 3 women in the group of 7, which is a quite unusual for me.  Here is What THE SUPER HAPPY TOKYO GIRL had to say;

Yesterday I also had 3 ladies join in for a days adventure.  As we were climbing up a local mountain I was impressed with the pace we were climbing at, especially one girl. She had flat pedals on here bike and seemed to be having no trouble laughing and talking as we sweated our way up the climb. I was shocked and a bit concerned when she told me ” I started MTB 3 months ago” . My main worry was the fact that it had rained hard all night and even though it was a beautiful day , the trail down was going to be slippery.  We took it easy , walked a couple of the steep sections and had a great ride down.  I later found out that the girls on the trip had put in some road bike miles before they tried mountain biking and I hope they keep at it and introduce the MTB to more of their friends !  025 032

Rainy Season

This time of year we are always looking at the weather forecast, rain , sunshine and even Typhoons this year have kept me entertained and a bit wet. Yesterday’s forecast was supposed to be clear all day but even as I drove down to meet my group for the day I was sceptical. We managed to get most of our morning climb done before the drizzle started. We managed to get into the technical trails before they got slippery and were rewarded with super conditions for the downhill. After lunch the rain still was not too bad so we started out doing a short climb in order to get a longer downhill for the afternoon. As soon as we started climbing the sky  opened up and we were soaked through. My customers on this day had 3 women and 4 men in the group 096 104and even though the weather turned on us they managed to keep the feeling light and happy. We took a few short cuts in order to miss some muddy sections but still managed to have a good fun ride and I was happy to see everybody’s smiles when we got back to the cars. Attitude is everything and I thank Hayashi-san and his friends for a very fun day!