Hong Kong Rock

093 179   081 084 107 171 I just finished up a hectic and enjoyable 3 weeks of MTB tours, I had 3 separate groups of Mountain Bikers come through here for some fun trail riding in the mountains of Japan. Hong Kong is not the spot I would think has a big MTB population but I am told it is growing and that there are some fun trails to ride there. When I organise tours for Mountain Bikers I arrange for airport pick up and drop off as pretty well 100% of 174169them want to ride there own bike. I met them at the Airport and loaded out gear onto a bus and travelled straight through Tokyo and up to the Mountains Here in Nagano Prefecture. We stay at the same pension for the duration and drive out to different riding areas each day.

We spend between 3-5 days of riding on all sorts of terrain, including a day shuttling some private trails, a couple days at local bike parks and some good long xc riding put some serious smiles on tired bodies. Each group seemed was well balance with riders of equal capabilities which enabled us to ride the right trails for each group. I renamed a Rock at the exit of B-course at Panorama MTB Park last week as it managed to take down one member from each group. No one got hurt badly but they will definitely remember Hong Kong Rock.001