The Kami-Sama’s House or his World?

I spent the last 2 days riding with 2 clients who are over here visiting Japan for the first time. They started in Fukuoka and have traveled the main “Tourist Line” up through Hiroshima , Kyoto and Nara. When I met them at the train station they told me they didn’t need to see any more Temples or Shrines. I told them that where we were going that would be no problems, we were going to spend our time in the Kami-sama’s world not his house.

We spent the first day riding in a light snowfall, the trails were dry and the ride went well, it gave me a chance to see how they rode and make sure that they could handle the ride I had planned for the second day. A Hot Spring at our local bath house and dinner with Setsuko and her magnificent cooking set us up perfectly for the epic I had planned for them on day2. We climbed for almost 2 hours on one of the harder climbs I know in this area, before gaining the ridge trail that would take us back down to the valley. Perfect weather , great trails and even a glimpse of Mt Fuji made for a great day and has me in a very good frame of mind for this years MTB season.

When I said good bye to Chris and Stephan, they had big smiles on their faces and they told me they had had their prayers answered by the Mountain Gods