Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Good Bye 2013 and Hello 2014! Here at Freeride Adventures we hope all our friends have a wonderful and fulfilling 2014. After having a big break, almost 5 weeks without a ride! I feel refreshed and ready to start up again for the new year. I feel a lot of cyclists , especially all the new ones here in Japan would really benefit from a break from the bike instead of going hard at it 12 months a year. As I get older I feel I can still ride very well and think if I got in good shape I would not be too slow in a race but recovering from little aches and pains is impossible unless I take a break from my bicycles. I don’t stop exercising but try and do something different. My boys have been Speed Skating for the last few years so for me skating 3 times a week is my workout. Skating is probably not the best as its the hardest sport I have ever tried. I have gained much respect over the last few years for all the kids and their parents who brave the -10 degree nights to go out skating. Not only is it cold , skating around a 400 meter ice track trying to be as low as possible hurts, there is no easy way to do it. Back in the day when I was an elite cyclist I would swim through the winter and still feel that this is one of the most benificial sports for any athlete, the bouyancy of the water makes for a very low impact cardio workout. 2014 is going to be a big year here on Yatsugatake , come visit!