Summertime Rides !

  It has been a very hot summer this year,
 August has been  the hottest that I can remember here
 in Nagano, we are very lucky to have it cool down at night
 or I wouldn’t be able to sleep.  Before I got into the MTB rides I spent a week riding the Noto Peninsula with a family from the USA , it was the second time  that they came riding here in Japan and it was super fun to show them the Japan Sea side of this country.

 This season I have been kept busy with all sorts of riders and rides.  Each day seemed to be super fun, some were with Families enjoying MTB riding with their kids,  groups of Hard Core Riders wanting to get their fix of Adrenaline and also riders who just wanted to ride all day in the forest.


  A few people have asked me a funny question recently “Paul-san, What type of rider are you”? Answer-” I am a bike rider” ! It is all good enjoy the ride!