Time to get some Altitude

 The temperatures are rising above 30 degrees even up here on the bottom of Yatsugatake. Last weekend we rode up to 1800 meters and the cool breeze was fantastic. As  we descended back down to the valley not only was the riding heating up  it felt like the furnace was also cranking. I drank about 2 liters of water during the 4 hours of riding and it still wasn’t enough, take care out there this summer

Rainy Season at Panorama

    I usually don’t ride Panorama in the rain, living near bye lets me pick the good dry days and stay clean. Yesterday I had a 16 year old from Australia here and we only had the one day to ride. I pulled out the rain gear, put the bikes in the car and got a quick start before I started to hesitate about riding in the rain.
 As we were riding up the Gondola, Henry could not hide his excitement. He keep telling me about the 1 minute DH tack that him and his friends practice on. He was shocked to find that he had a 7 , 5 or 4 kilometer course to play on. First we rode C-course and I warned him about it getting a bit slippy further down but it took him one crash to learn himself . After is minor crash he was ready for the day, we rode all day in some ugly weather , I realized that I was going a bit slower than normal but actually felt like I was riding really well , you have to concentrate 100% when the conditions are not perfect and it really is good for your focus. I hope next time the course is dry I can keep the focus and get some good flow happening ! I won’t wait another year for my next rainy day session!