2013 First Ride- First Race

  Last fall my friend Maki-san asked me to come to Mie Prefecture to participate in a new race series he was involved with . The race was a short 30 minute mtb criterium , one lap was a short hard uphill then we followed a fun roller single track acroos the top of the course and joined the bmx track to drop back to the climb again. Short, hard, intense is how it was and being as I had not ridden since the middle of December and had consumed many beers between it was not easy for me.  I will go back to Mie sometime again once I have lost my 6 kilograms of winter fat and try again as the course and the people at the race were very enjoyable. The race was good for me as I knew I had been very lazy this winter and it has given me a bit of a kick to get going again. I hope to do a few more races this year , lets hope we can all stay healthy and have a good 2013!

  Special thanks to Bucyo Coffee for the pre race coffee fix, tasted great.