Long Cold Winter

This year it has been one of the coldest winters I can remember since I moved to Chino, it has been at least -10 at night for the last couple of months now. I went for a ride last week and crashed on the black ice, lucky I slid into a big snowbank. For now I will go back to winter activities, skating and snowboarding. When the conditions are right snow riding can be super fun but when the snow gets to deep I would rather be on a snowboard. Here is a link to a video of Mitch and Katherine riding on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. They really know how to ride and have fun doing it. Mitch is one of the best wheel builders I know and last year I finished day 5 of the BC Race with Katherine. She was a guest rider for the day and I had no idea who was riding in front of me with a Cove Jersey. When I caught her she told me I was “pretty good rider”, I was actually having a great day and was in the top 30 , the level of riding in Canada is incredibly high. When I watch the video I myself feel quite good about my riding because she is “pretty good”.

Ultramontane & Company – Mitch & Kath on pinkbike.com