BC RACE for Tohoku Orpahans

On July 2nd I will be participating in the BC RACE, a 7 day mtb race in British Columbia , Canada. I am hoping to raise some money to help out the many children who were orphaned during the earthquake here in Japan back in March. There are many who need our help now and will need it for a long time as Japan tries to get back on track. Please follow this link to check out what I am doing and please donate if you can. http://www.globalgiving.org/dy/fundraiser/prevfund/gg.html?regid=5969
Paul Chetwynd

Stress Release

Last Sunday I rode with a group that have been coming here once or twice a year for about 5 years now, they seem to come from all over Japan and meet here in Nagano. Lots of driving for all of them but they always leave here with big smiles on there faces saying all the stress from thier jobs and lives was left behind for the 5 hours we rode. These guys all ride well they don`t worry about how to do this or that , they ride they laugh, scream and generally have a great time just riding thier bikes. I call it the ZONE, a place where we don`t worry about air preasure in our suspension and tires, just letting the bike do its job, its a great place to get to even if its just for a short while. Try it sometime, leave everything behind just ride , its what the bike is all about!