Saipan XTERRA Tsunami

We all know what happened here in Japan on the 11th of March, its hard to grasp how tragic it really is. I happened to be in Saipan with my 5 year old son when the quake hit. First time I heard about it was when my sister called from Canada and told us to get away from the beach. The Tsunami came but most of its power was absorbed by the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the pacific ocean. Saturday morning came and the race was on, there were about 20 japanesse athletes there and we all knew we had to race, sitting and worrying would not help.After a minutes silence the race began. The ocean was not kind to us, vision was impossbible, I swam straight into a boulder, the currents were always changing but everyone got through it. The bike section of the race has slowly been improved over the years and is now an excellent MTB course. It had rained a litte bit during the night and made some of the downhills very slippery, this always helps me as my mtb skills are my only strength in a triathlon. Into the transition and out onto the run or in my case jog. This year I jogged as best I could , I didn`t walk but I was pretty slow. I ended up having one of my best triathons ever, I can`t explain it but I do believe it was mainly because I wanted to get back to my room to see what was going on in my adopted homeland.
I was not here during the quake, but it is now that real effect of this disaster are showing. I have had lots of emails asking about our well being and I am thankful that my family is fine and we are away from the scenes we all have seen. I beg any of you out there ,and if you have the means please help with CASH, there are so many needy people right now. I personally am going to do something to raise money for the orpahns, its heartbreaking to see children looking for thier parents and they are this countries future. Japan needs help now, this country has been supporting so many others for so long it is time for the world to show some love.
Be sure of one thing JAPAN will rebound, its people will not allow it to go down.
Please Help,