Today it is snowing here on Yatsugatake, I went for a short ride this morning before it started and had a blast in the dry powder. The trails are impossible right now but the roads around here are perfect. While I was riding I thought back about last week as I had been down to Kyushu for a bit of work and pleasure. I left Nagano and drove about 8 hours down the road towards Okayama Prefecture. I was suprised to see that I had left behind the cold weather and was now riding in 14 degree weather and sunshine. Mikan Oranges were still in some trees and flowers were starting to come out ! 3 days of road riding and I was ready for my mountainbike. I travelled down to Fukuoka and the Cleat Bike Shop, Matsunaga-san had organized a Saturday morning ride. A bowl of Hakata Ramen and a draft beer and I was ready for anything! Thanks to the group of riders who showed up early in the morning and took me for a ride, I was suprised to meet so many riders!

Next year I want to come back and ride more!!But for now it looks like my snowboard is a better tool for my backyard!