Spring!! Winter??

This past weekend David and his son Brian came to Freeride Adventures for 2 days at the end of thier trip to Japan. The plan was to do 2 days of MTB riding but 20 cms of fresh snow on Saturday morning forced us out onto the road. At least the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and Matsumoto Castle looked fantastic with the blue sky and white mountains for a backdrop. This year the weather has really been crazy with summer like temperatures one day and then snow the next, I myself am ready for some warm weather. The snow was pretty well all gone by Sunday and we ventured out onto the trails. A bit of snow in the shaded areas kept us on our toes, and I learned a few things about the handling of my new ride. My son Nesta joined us for the afternoon and we all enjoyed an afternoon in the sun. Special thanks to Brian and Dave for being so flexible when mother nature was not cooperating.


Held every 7 years,on the year of the Monkey and Tiger only, the Onbashira festival, one of three festivals considered National Treasues, is held. First held about 1200 years ago the festival spans about 2 months from start to finish. Here are some shots I took while trying to pull the Onbashira “honored pillar” on its first part of the journey to its Shrine. The first day “Yamadashi” the village I live in along with the folks from nearbye Hara-Mura started in the rain and ended up in sunshine. Along the way our energy levels were kept high by the crowds on the side of the road plying us with local beer and sake. The second day we pulled the log down a steep bank . The third day found us crossing a river. Many people say this is the craziest most dangerous festival in Japan and they could be right but after spending three days inside the festival I have become motivated to ride the log in the next festival! It is amazing to feel the power of so many people working together, much like it was 1200 years ago.