Summer Time at Last

I haven`t been able to get the camera out much recently,the rainy season really dragged on this year and it was really nice to finally have some sun for the Holidays. I had some Demo Bikes, , for an event a Panorama Ski Area last week and spent a bit of time checking out the new 4 cross and jump areas now open. I thought it looked like a lot of fun and today I took my 8 year old son , Nesta and his friend Ayano to give it a go. I have never tried this style of riding but after a few hours playing today I am hooked. It really helps your riding on the berms and jumps. If you ever have a chance to pump of a few runs definitly give it a try, it will only make you a better rider.

Quiet Roads and Seafood

So many people are suprised to hear me talk aobut how good the road riding in this country is. Once you get out of the urban areas you can find some beautiful quiet roads almost anywhere in Japan. The Noto Peninsula is one of my favorite areas, sleepy villages, no traffic, beautiful scenry and fresh seafood all add up to a wonderful place to ride. Personally I think touring in small groups is the best way to enjoy Japan. With a big group you are restricted as to where you stay, eat and the main benifit of actually blending into Japan. I just got back from a short trip around Noto with Micheal and Tina, a wonderful couple from Germany, Micheal was kind enough to send me some pictures, enjoy his take on the Noto!