Panorama “motai nai”

I had 3 Austrailians up here for a week a the start on July. 3 very solid riders who were happy to spend their time riding the Gondola at Panorama and ripping up the trails. I was suprised to hear that in the land down under they were riding 2-3 minute tracks,when you think about how many Aussies are at the top of the MTB downhill game it is hard to understand why there are no fast Japanesee riders, Mio-san excepted. They also wondered why Panorama doesn’t make some trails like Whistler has done, this would help with the erosion problems ,slow the riders down and make it more enjoyable. They wonder why the thinking in Japan is “small world not the big picture”. My favorite quote ” This place could be Aisa’s MTB capital,don’t they know we are out here?” I had no answers for them ,, who does? Check out this video of the 3 Aussies enjoying a bit of Japanese single track.