Bikes are Beautiful

Last weekend my customers and I met some cycle tourists on a local climb, it was the first time in over 10 years that I have met any riders on this road. These riders have been riding for a long time and they all looked very smooth climbing up the mountain. Check out the pictures I have uploaded and you will not find any Carbon in this group! Proof that the most important part about riding is getting out the door not worrying about having the latest, lightest gear. I am now inspired to build up a few of the bikes in my basement,,,they are crying out to be ridden again!

This is Fun!!!

I was joined by Murata-san and his friends for a ride last saturday, Murata-san came for a couple of rides last year with me and this time brought some friends that he road rides with. It was great to introduce MTB`ing to these road riders,because of the good cycling fitness they have from the road they could climb on the big full suspension rental bikes without to much problem.The advantage of ridng these bikes doesnt become evident until you hit the trails, when the suspension sucks up all the bumps and the disc brakes help you control the speed and let you enjoy the challange of single track riding. I too love the feeling of my 7 kilogram road bike but it doesn’t compare to a good single track ride. You must concentrate on the trail at all times, you don’t have time to think about much else so you really can forget about the real world while you riding.

The Natural

On Sunday I had a group from Kanagawa-ken come for a ride, this group shows up once or twice a year, the numbers vary but they are always ready for anything. This year just before we got to the top of the mountain, I was told that this was one guys first ride. I was quite concerned as the trail we were about to ride is not ideal for beginers, dropping in is a good way to descibe the first 10 meters of this descent. I was pleased to see him use good judgement and walk this section, I gave him a very quick , 1 minute, how to brake lesson and we were off. He made it down the first trail, a bit jerky but no injuries. One of his friends decided to let him try his full suspension bike and then it was game on, he found his groove and was riding right in the middle of the pack. Even during our afternoon ride when he was back on his “Bridgestone Slugger” he was right there ripping it up. I hope he keeps riding, he is a Natural

Age doesn`t matter

Saigo-san and his friends came for a ride during the week, it was my first time riding with this group and we had a really good time. The ages in this group varied from 30 something year olds to 60 something , they were a perfect example of what makes cycling so wonderful. We did one of my more aggresive rides with a good 8 kilometer climb and fun downhills, I won`t say who was fastest or slowest but I will say the youngest and oldest were right in the middle. Great day , Paul