Big Day

Hayashi-san asked me to take him for a different ride last Saturday so I decided it was time for him and his friends to join me for an OLD SCHOOL epic. 8 hours lots of trails and big climbs. My sons joined us for the first 30 minutes then we got serious. After our final and hardest climb of the day a 15 minute downhill which takes me back to my roots of Vancouvers North Shore, steep and fresh. Many thanks to the group for an excellent day, no whinners in this group!

Nesta’s First Guide Tour

This past Golden Week we had some nice weather, good rides and good times. Nesta, my 8 year old son joined me and a family for an afternoon of riding. I didn’t get to see him working as the 2 boys couldn’t wait for us slow folks, but they did stop and wait for us once in a while. Many thanks for those who joined us over the holidays.