Paul goes to the BC Race

I have been invited to the BC Race, a seven day mtb race through British Columbia`s west coast. Lots of long hard days on some of the best single track in the world convinced me to put my race face on once again! I am starting to lose my beer belly a very big thanks to all who came for to ride over the last month, we did lots of good climbing and downhilling. Having both beginners and experts come mtb riding, a week on the road in the mountains of Kumano and another weeks road riding on the Noto Penisula has me thinking that I will be able to make it to the finish. My partner in the race is Yoshi T a former xc racer turned freerider who now lives in BC, recently he has been spending more time dropping of of big jumps than racing so I think we will make a good match. The race bible tells us we should spend many hours training together but in truth we have raced against each other a few times about 10 years ago and stage one will probably be our first ride together. Look for our race reports in some publications here in Japan and also on this blog.