Early Start to 2017, Fat Bike

The Fat Bike craze has taken over us here at Freeride Adventures..ft2 Last year I got a few Fat Bikes for rental use atYatsugatake Cycling just to see what I thought about these novelty items. I was surprised to find out how much fun I could have riding in the snow. This year we got a few more bikes and each weekend we have been busy enjoying riding on the snow. We have had road riders with no off road experience, hard core mountainbikers and even some beginner riders who said” looks like fun ! we want to try!”.ft3 I have found one thing they all have in common, they like to laugh a lot!ft4 And laugh they did, I think it is just the fact that they can ride a bike through a forest full of snow, somewhere where we would never think possible to ride make them giddy.ft5 If you need a release come give it a try it is just us and the deer that will see you playing in the mountain

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