Last days of Winter

Nagano Prefecture has once again produced an excellent winter season for us all to enjoy, Snowboarding , Skiing and Fat Biking have been very good this season , a big thanks to the weather gods. The snow has really been melting around here recently but still up high the snow is very good. This time of year and I start to feel the need to get out on my road and mountain bikes, the Fat Bikes are fun but my cold feet are ready for the sunshine. As the spring approaches I start to look forward to meeting riders , old and new alike. But before I do I will go up the mountain and enjoy the snow a few more times!fat3
If you are interested, we will be selling of some Fat Bikes at the end of March. The bikes have been used for 2 winter seasons only and are in very nice shape. Check back or send us an email if you are interested.fat 1

Early Start to 2017, Fat Bike

The Fat Bike craze has taken over us here at Freeride Adventures..ft2 Last year I got a few Fat Bikes for rental use atYatsugatake Cycling just to see what I thought about these novelty items. I was surprised to find out how much fun I could have riding in the snow. This year we got a few more bikes and each weekend we have been busy enjoying riding on the snow. We have had road riders with no off road experience, hard core mountainbikers and even some beginner riders who said” looks like fun ! we want to try!”.ft3 I have found one thing they all have in common, they like to laugh a lot!ft4 And laugh they did, I think it is just the fact that they can ride a bike through a forest full of snow, somewhere where we would never think possible to ride make them giddy.ft5 If you need a release come give it a try it is just us and the deer that will see you playing in the mountain

2017 Bring it ON!






fr13As 2016 comes to a close I must say thank you to all those who made it such a great time here in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. One of the best things about cycling is the people who participate. Most are the easiest to please,a bike , a trail(or road) to follow, food, beer and a Hot Bath to finish the day and they are well satisfied. I have a lot in common with them.fr1 This year I traveled all over Japan , sometimes on my road bike and other times on my MTB, sometimes things get blurred but never in a bad way.fr2 As the snow falls outside today I find myself looking forward to some powder turns in the snow, but this year it is not just my snowboard that is calling , I have a Fat Bike that has found a way into my heart as well!fr3

Happy New Year to All , Looking Forward to Meeting you all on the trails again soon,

Winding down the season

oct2016-1This morning it was snowing lightly outside my home , the leaves are almost all gone now and the riding is excellent. We have been going at it full blast for the last couple months, my body is a bit banged up and my bikes need tuning but I figure I have only 1 more month left in 2016 to enjoy the rides, so I will keep pushing. Recently I have had a few requests to include some hiking along with the riding for some of my customers. I always knew that the highlands around here are fantastic for nice easy hikes and the mountains have something for the climbers but I am starting to really appreciate what we have here in Nagano Prefecture.oct2016-2oct2016-4oct2016-3

Fall , Sunshine and MTB

Finally after many rainy days and Typhoons the winds changed and fall and the sunshine came to Nagano Prefecture here in Japan.photo2 The mountains are beautiful now and we have been getting out enjoying the trails.photo3 I have had a friends from Hong Kong here recently, each year I meet them their passion for riding always brings me joy. It doesn’t matter how good or fast you are to them , just a smile and laugh is all you need.



Rainy Days

I have been living and cycling here in Nagano, Japan for over 20 years now , I think it is safe to say that this last 1.5 months has been a wash out . I can’t remember so much rain almost everyday. I went for a walk in the forest today and it felt like I was walking on a sponge.


We have had to cancel a few rides , make some quick changes to our plans as we try and take care of our customers. Brian brought a group of friends from New Zealand for some riding and even though they saw no mountains as we traveled around Japan, they never complained and kept smiling even when we were lost in the fog in the mountains surrounding Kyoto.




I thank them and the others who did manage to squeeze a ride in when the weather broke. Looks like it is changing for the good now and I am surly looking forward to the Fall and some Sunshine!


Biking in Shirakabako, Nagano

The offroad cycling event in Shirakabako, Nagano is a casual race for anybody.
If you are looking for a faily to try a cycling race for the first time, this would be a really good one.

The event was ran by a group of local people who are interested in cycling as a activity in this beatiful field.
We of course agree to their view and supported the event.
We put a booth at the site and our staff and their family entered races.

We see so much potential in this area for cycling and hope the environment stays as beatiful as it is now for the future.


Biggest Biking Event in Japan

Shimano Biker Festival is the biggest biking event that anybody can join in Japan.
We guided some mountain bikers in our home fields. We were also a aid station for road riders in the event.
We are happy to get involved in both mountain biking and road riding, because we like it both.
We like all sorts of cycling and we think Nagano is a very attractive area for any cyclist in the world.

Freeride Adventures value the whole area with mountains and fresh air and water.

Cool Rides in Yatsugatake

Something was moving when I came home from a ride with our customers´╝ü
A cecada baby was looking for a place to grow wings.
They come out of the ground later in the afternoon searching a quiet place to have a important moment.
I used to watch them with my kids when they were little with a beer in my hand.

Playing in forests teachs us many different things. We share mountains with inspects and animals.

20160718_lunch 3

Private Party , Hidden Japan

IMG_9664Recently an article that I was involved with making last year came out. Bike Magazine sent over a crew to find “Hidden Japan” I was skeptical when they told me where they were going and I told them so. Magazines and film makers need to get their money from somewhere and when Ski Town Tourist money is invested they must do something in those towns. I was very happy when I read the article and they were very honest” the riding was a bust”.
I had told them that they really needed to talk to Natori-San at Trail Cutter. In the end his trails became the featured trails in the article. Natori-San has done a lot here in Japan helping others get access to the mountains and the article gives him the respect he deserves. I always pray for good weather when my customers come from overseas, but especially on the day we plan to visit Trail Cutter, because if it rains there is no riding. Coming from the British Columbia’s North Shore rainforest this was hard for me to accept, but that is how Natori- San got permission to build there and it definitely keeps the trails in pristine condition.
Have a look , I am already praying for a sunny day next month!
Private Party