2 Day Weekend Tour

early-june-randonneurs-bikes-0172 0011 0181Escape the city for a couple days of riding we can arrange any style of ride for you, easy flat rides beneath the Japan Alps. Explore the foothills around Yatsugatake or challenge yourselves with some big alpine climbs.

Azumino Valley:

2 days exploring the Azumino Valley, Surrounded by the Japan Alps we will travel the road less traveled through tiny villages, sample Soba noodles for lunch and spend an evening in a Traditional Japanese Ryokan where the natural hot spring water will revitalize our bodies for the next days ride. Spend a few hours exploring Matsumoto City and its castle before an easy afternoon ride back down the valley.

Yatsugatake Mountain Foothills:

Spend 2 days riding in the foothills of the Yatsugatake mountain range,along with spectacular mountain scenery you will see huts built in the Jomon era(5000bc) and some classic Japanese buildings . Spend the night at a pension in Hara Village or if you prefer a Traditional Ryokan.

Yatsugatake Mountain Peak:

Challenge the climb over Yatsugatake and its 2100 meter Mugikusa pass. Stop for an easy hike into Shirakoma lake just before the top. On the way down we stop at a Hot Spring Hotel for the night. Spend lots of time soaking in the natural hot springs tonight and in the morning you will be good for the next push up and over Suzuran Pass before dropping down out of the mountains to finish at a hot spring for one more relaxing bath before returning to the city.