1 Day Road Intro

130 214Are you interested in getting into bettter shape? Want to try road cycling but feel a bit intimidated? This one day clinic is ideal for you.

We will do an easy ride and go over many fundamental priciples of good riding. We start with a rundown on the basics of body positioning as it relates to efficiency and comfort on the bike, and we will progress through techniques to help you identify and navigate the various hazards of the road. Once we are feeling confident on the bikes, we will go for a spin along quiet roads, stopping for lunch along the way and ending the ride with a relaxing soak in an Onsen (hot spring) at the end of the day.


  • Meet in Kobuchizawa – 9:00 am
  • Shuttle in our vehicle to starting point
  • Theory and safety discussion
  • Body positioning and biomechanics session
  • Easy ride
  • LUNCH – 12:00PM
  • Afternoon 25km ride
  • Post ride analysis in the Onsen (hot springs) in Kobuchizawa